Stone Island - 494Y1 Poly Cover Composite Set Jacket + Fleece


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Hooded jacket in Poly Cover Composite, a matte, colourless and opaque two-component water and wind resistant film. The garment dyeing technique colours the film without affecting its transparency.
Completely heat sealed seams. Pockets with windproof entrance. Drawstring on bottom hem.
- Zip fastening.
- Detachable lining in strong fleece usable on its own made from Poly Fur, a synthetic fur with external silver coloured coating.
- Snap fastening on nylon tape.
- Zip fastened pockets.
- Cotton tela pocket inside. Cotton tela placket meant to hide the lacing holes.
- Zip and velcro fastening
- Fabric Composition: 100% Polyurethane / 100% Cotton

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